Index Farmers Market Proposed Site Plan

Index Farmers Market

We have been working very hard for quite some time to make the Index Farmers Market manifest. After a great deal of consideration, we came up with the ideal number of vendors for this unique and awesome market venue. Anyone that has been to the town of Index, knows just how mystique this place really is. Having a venue that brings the greater Sky Valley community together was our vision for these markets in general, but importantly allowing local artisans, local farmers, and local small businesses to thrive and connect with their neighbors is the overall mission.

As we are moving along for the 2020 season, we will be meeting with the town council the first week of November in order to field some questions related to our special events permit. We are hoping that they will see the great value in our farmers market and approve our request, or at least conditional approve it upon further consideration. Either way, we will be doing our best to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress and suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter or if you are planning to become a vendor join our Facebook Vendor Group.

Proposed Site Plan

Attachment B – Site Plan

Want to be a vendor or volunteer?

Whether you want to become a vendor or volunteer, please let us now. We are thrilled to be putting this venue together for the Sky Valley community. We have a page for vendors to apply, it’s a great user friendly platform that you can add all your details including photos of your products/services. Check out our Vendor page for more details. You will find all the information on becoming a vendor there.

And for those that want to volunteer, we will be needing all sorts of helpers – a clean-up crew, a market coordinator, a market photographer, a website coordinator, a few bloggers, and all sorts of other things. If you are interested in volunteering at the Index Farmers Markets, please contact us.

Stay tuned for updates in the future… Suggest you sign up for our newsletter.

Peace, Love & Index

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