Plan your trip to the Index Farmers Market


Doolittle Pioneer Park


May 2nd – October 3rd every other Saturday (See our 2020 Event Calendar)


10am to 4pm


Please plan your trip to the Index Farmers Market. We highly encourage that you park in a wise and safe manner. Stay clear of the rail road tracks or parking in front of driveways. It is suggested that you park along Avenue A (coming from US 2 – right as you cross Wes Smith bridge into town, turn right). Also, many of the open spaces in front of homes are public right-of-ways, and are great places to park even if you have to park in the grass. Just be sure you park completely off the pavement and not block the road or any resident’s driveways.

Come Support local Farmers, Artisans, & Businesses

The Index Farmers Market stimulates the local economy and those dollars spent are more likely to be spent again in the local economy as well. Talk about a win-win situation for the local community! Also, the Index Farmers Market gives local farmers, local artisans, and local businesses a place to sell their products as well as and educate customers one-on-one. Come join us.