Our Vision

To bring the Sky Valley community together by fostering a more vibrant and resilient community premised on inclusiveness, sustainability, and a deeper understanding of our fellow neighbors.

Our Mission

To inspire and cultivate a health-conscious community by crafting a local farmer, local artisan, and local business economy through a vibrant and inclusive farmers market.

Welcome to the Index Farmers Market

The Index Farmers Market is a community event allowing local farmers, artisans, and the like to display their great work to the public. As the coming 2020 Index Farmers Market will be our first ever, we are expecting to see a wide range of vendors and a surplus of those that are interested in what the locals have to offer. As the days get longer and the weather a bit warmer, the Town of Index becomes a hot-spot not just for climbers and kayakers, but also for those seeking the tranquility of the great out doors or simply passing through on their way somewhere else. What ever the reason, the Town of Index attracts all walks of life, especially our beloved pets who are welcome at all the markets.

Come and join us for our first Index Farmers Market in 2020. Our first market will be on May 2nd opening at 10am and finished at 4pm.

Bring the kids, the family, and the friends… Everyone is welcome to experience the Index Farmers Market.